Static, Noise across streams and

Hi, using trial version of Studio. I am noticing static (like a mistuned or distant radio station), and distortion of audio. This is true for all “inputs” ; Tidal, Quboz and my ripped CD files on local hard drive. MacBook Pro 2015 running latest rev of OS 11.5. USB out to my Black Ice DAC. This never happened with earlier version of Audirvana I checked out early this year (pre studio)

The static is present between songs as well as during. It is not a steady static. Again it reminds me of a FM radio station noise, snow, fuzz, whatever. Sometimes, it sounds very distorted as well… As I was typing this the music when from the “static” to become more and more distorted and I had to shut it down…

The MIDI sound utility will list my DAC but sometimes jumps to a “custom” config which I assume Studio doing something. Then all static hell breaks loose, and it is quite loud.

This static does not occur when I run Tidal or QuBoz apps directly on my Mac.

Any ideas or tweaks? It is completely unusable like this.