Static noise while playing MQA music

Hi, I am using Audirvana Plus version 1.2.10(1050) trial version, ifi nano iOne Dac (with firmware version 5.30) and Schiit Audio Valhalla 2 Amp. I have set my Dac as MQA Renderer. Signal polarity invert globally disable, invert for tracks with inverpolarity comment disable. Upsampling set to device maximum frequency, all slides bar set to maximum.

The static noise can be heard throughout the tracks, I have tried different MQA tracks, all with same result. Any advice on my settings which I might have done wrongly.


Hi there!
As you see below I own a small Ifi too. So using this, why don’t you define this as decoder? Leave the complete unfolding to the device. Then upsampling should be deactivated, isn’t it?

I once experienced kind of similar noise, I guess. This was because the max. frequency of the device was not detected propetly, too optimistic…