Stereo balance control

Is there an easy way to change stereo balance control on a Mac? I need to change it as I hear less on my left ear and listen with headphones (via DAC and then headphone amp).

I have the same problem any answer yet ?


You can add Audio Units plugins to Audirvana. Here are 2 AU’s to customize the stereo image. Both gives you (among other possibilities) a way to separately control the volume on the Left and right Channels
This one cost 31€(+VAT) :
This one is free :

I’m using both and I am very satisfied.

I hope this will help


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Thanks Jean, tried Flux but cannot get it running on Mac. Any hints how to install?

Hi Stefan,

You have a 2 stages installation process.

  1. Download the app (Flux_FluxCenter_MacOS_Installer_( and choose install (yes it’s an application that you have to copy into the application folder)
  2. Start the application (flux This application must be used to install all the products including the free stereo tool V3. Choose AU (audio units) in the app parameters and then go back to te main screen to select


  1. Start the application (flux This application must be used to install all the products including the free stereo tool V3. Choose AU 64 bits (audio units) in the app parameters the (gear wheel on the top right) and only AU 64 bits, then click ok (bottom). You get back to the main menu.Then scroll down to stereo too V3 and click install
    (The AU will be copies to: ‎⁨Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Bibliothèque⁩ ▸ ⁨Audio⁩ ▸ ⁨Plug-Ins⁩ ▸ ⁨Components⁩ : StereoToolV3-x64.component)

3 Start Audirvana and select audio setting, then scroll down to Audio Units. There you get the list of all the components (apple etc) and also StereoToolV3-x64.

Play any album from your library and you will get the stereo tool panel

See also :
(How to use the stereo tool)

Hope this will help


I’m back again!

if you scroll dow on this page you get a video explaining the installation process.



Thanks a lot Jean. To choose AU 64 bits only was the crucial informatin and to select Stereo Tool V3 in the audio settings of Audirvana. But I can only set it when no track is playing. So there is no on the fly balance control. But not a big problem as I set it once and let it run like this (if that works, have to check how it will be going).

Stefan, you can set the stereo tool on the fly. As the first track starts, the stereo tool ‘pops up’. Ans stays visible.


Jean, it does not pop up here. Any settings I overlooked during installation?
Do I have to choose offline install mode with Flux center?

Hi, I don’t know what means offline install in Flux but I didn’t choose this option (I will investigate).

  • Can you check the stereo tool (64bits) in the Audirvana AU’s setting?
  • Can you ‘see’ the tool when you select ‘configure’ -next to the stereo tool?
    If you answer YES to both questions, you then will see the stereo tool window when playing any track from your audio library.

Do the following: When playing a track, click on ‘windows’ on top of Audirvana screen, next to ‘commands’. In the windows list you should find ‘audio unit #1’ which is the stere tool window.



I found the reason why I didn´t see it. There is under AU settings a button for real time control - after I enabled this I saw the stereo tool window.
Thanks so much for your help!!!

Yeah! Hope this will ameliorate your hearing on the left ear.



Definitely! Thanks again for your precious help!!