Still cannot search HRA Streaming by artist?

Dear Audirvana team,

Having just signed up to HRA Streaming, I notice that A+'s search box works only with their albums but not artists (contrary to what I can do with Tidal) - when is a fix going to be available?

Thank you,


Hello @brlawyer,

This search setting depends on the capability if the API of HRA, maybe they changed it since we integrated it to Audirvana and this search is available, we will need to take a look at it.

Tks, Damien - hope you can give us an update ASAP on whether their API allows for artist search - otherwise it is almost useless as it stands. Their SQ and catalogue seem great and I would love to consider them as an option here in Europe.

Searching in HRA does not work anymore :frowning:

Any news on this issue? When will we be able to search by artist on HRA Streaming? Otherwise it is almost useless!

Here is the official reply from HRA:

"Please use the “advance search” function. There you can search for artist. Al least in our desktop app and homepage.

If Audirvana hasn’t implemented this advance search feature, please request Audirvana to do so."


Hello @brlawyer,

We already asked them about it but never got a clear response from them…

Well, this does not help much - it is either one side or the other. As customers, we cannot wait forever.

Besides, the HRA Streaming integration seems even more broken when we often cannot see the tracks after clicking on an album, or playback simply interrupts from one track to the next one (this only comes back after restarting Audirvana).

HRA is actually working on improvements on it, we had response from them. The Artist integration in their API is coming, we will need to integrate it as soon it will be available for us.

Tks a lot, Damien - it’s encouraging to see that they are working on an improved API. Please let us know when an A+ update is released with such improvements.

It seems like artist search is now working for HRA Streaming under A+ - can you confirm, Damien?

P.S.: What I mean is: now all of an artist’s albums are displayed in search results when typing just the name of the artist. This was not possible before. A direct “artist” all-encompassing search result (like in TIDAL) is not yet happening.

It’s seems that you are right, we now need to take a look at the integration of the artist search of HRA in Audirvana so it will looks like the one form the rest of Audirvana.

Is there any update?
I really need HRA to work, bc i’m moving away from tidal and as long as these features don’t work i can’t. Still only album search works. Artists are not even shown in playlists. If I try clicking on an artists (only seen in the “playing now” window) a blank site pops up, which states “this artist is not here anymore”.
A pain…

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