Still having big issues since updates a few weeks ago

Since the updates of last few weeks (I think 3.5.5 was first) I have had the same issue of files will play normally be it MQA or not at first then suddenly play only garbled noise. Sometimes after only one or two tracks and sometimes after several. Normally this happens going from MQA track to non or reverse. I have tried all settings from non auto detect to auto as a decoder or rendering device, with or without upsampling and just when you think it’s going to work is screws up and goes garbled again. This is only happening with my Project Pre Box S2 DAC (I own 3 of them) they all work fine other than with Audirvana since these updates. I can ifi Zen DAC or from coax spdif without issues. I want reliable performance back with my top DAC again. Please figure this out. I have sent Debug info in other threads and have had no response or correction thus far.

Have you tried to contact Project? Maybe they can help too.

No but like I have said wasn’t an issue in the past prior to these updates. And having tried multiple units that all work fine otherwise it is an Audirvana issue.

Those are current settings but like I said doesn’t matter settings combination it will screw up at some point during playback.

It’s not even detecting them as MQA DACs anymore for some reason.

Since last settings change turning off upsampling it has worked now for 8 tracks which have been a mix of both non and MQA files. I am certain it will not continue without failure again. Sometimes I can pause playback to take my dog out and then once resuming in a track or so it goes to garbled playback again but not always. Not pattern to its madness at this point.

Maybe Project has a clue what it might be. They’re probably also using Audirvana.

Don’t know how Audirvana can troubleshoot this short of purchasing this specific DAC or you sending them one of yours.

How are you connected to your DAC? Are you using SPDIF or USB?

USB specifically for MQA. The DAC works via coax/spdif when fails/errors via usb.

Have you tried with a different USB cable/port of your computer or your DAC?

I will swap both today and test