Still No Way To Edit Radio Stations Created By URL

Still waiting for a way to label radio stations in playlist ( also still cannot favorite a station added via Url )

Any prospect of this happening soon? near future? This has been reported a while back. @Antoine ?


It will be added but we needed to make choice about what to do first, if you take a look at the release not of the 1.11 you will see we have been pretty busy last month but it will be added in Audirvāna Studio, It’s in our back log and since we have done a lot of things last month, It may be here in March.

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SSDD………Beta testing continues

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Yep, certainly appears to be the case.
Not too far away from a years subscription being eaten up, and yet there appear to be more problems now (if that’s at all possible) than there were back when I subscribed.
Still, an easy £60 for some.

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Yes I’m seeing what you mean seems a few stubborn bugs mostly windows issues perhaps? I really haven’t spent any real time with this update and studio so to be fair I haven’t tested it properly. The radio stutter issue seems to be under control, the url entry and inability to label and edit the stations doesn’t seem to be much of an interest to very many users at all so it’s probably best that the Audirvāna team don’t bother with it until the basic problems are sorted for the majority of users first.

PS @Ironz , once again my Oppo DAC will not work UPNP wireless so yes a step backwards in some ways. It just gets better, local files won’t play but radio works fine. Reinstall 1.12.0 …….complete fuster cluck

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Still apparently a bridge to far for the Audirvana team, Going on a year now. Shame really