Still not managing to just play one track

Hi and apologies for returning to this question…in both Studio for Windows and Audirvana remote for IOS, I cannot for the life of me just get one track to play when playing from the local library. if i right-click and select “Play Now and Replace Play Queue” or “Play Next” or “Add to Play Queue”, it will in all cases play that track and then continue with the remaining tracks in the album.

Not a disaster of course but it seems to me that this should be configurable somewhere? Thanks in advance!

you open the remote or the app nothing is in the play queue…
then on the remote select an album and don’t hit a track, just hit the 3 dots on the right
and add it to the play queue… not read and replace, because it will add the rest in the play queue of that album… adding to the play queue, just add that song… then after you select another song in your hard drive, always add to the playlist…

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Thanks. OK that works…although I do find it to be a tad cumbersome. But it’ll do.

You can also on Remote use the tap to add to queue (third option on the configuration), it’s a quick way to add any track to the queue and only that track, then hit play.

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