"STOP" necessary for every sample rate change

Dear audirvana-team,

I am new to audirvana and still in the testing phase.

I am using the current audirvana version, ios mavericks (due to driver availability issues) and an m2tech hiface evo.
Every time audirvana switches sample rates the preloading of the titles doesn’t seem to work and playback is stuck at 0:00.
If I manually stop the playback and restart again the switch works smoothly.

Although it is not a critical issue it is quite annoying as no playlist will work this way.

Is there a known workaround without jeopardizing playback quality by disabling integer mode or similar?

Please let me know if I can provide any further information to help solve the topic.

The Don

What is your system configuration? Is your DAC needing a specific driver to be installed?
If yes, then this one may have issues when changing sample rate.
Can you try with Direct Mode disabled?


I have no access to the system during the weeek, but I will try disabling Direct Mode next weekend.
The EVO works without problems with the Amarra 3 iTunes integration and also with Amarra 4 standalone - no idea if Amarra uses something similar to Direct Mode.


Disabling direct mode didn’t change the behaviour. I also disabled the MQA Check, just in case, but also no

REEDIT: I don’t know what is different, but when I gave Direct-Mode disabling a second try, it worked.
However, due to sound quality that is not a permanent option. Is there a possibility to automatically “stop” playback when changing sample Rates? Maybe by scripting? The only noticeable side effect will be loss of gapless Playback, and I wouldn’t mind that. It shouldn’t be a real Necessity for titles with different sampling rates anyhow.


I have the SAME exact issue, with same results as The Don. Only difference is I’m using a Mojo Audio Mystique V1 DAC, but this DAC uses the same M2Tech HiFace drivers as the O.P. is using. It’s not an issue when listening to albums, but when I’m shuffling playlists with different sample/bitrates, music playback will freeze at a new sample/bitrate song, and I have to manually stop whatever I’m doing to intervene by pressing the stop button and then play again.

There are no new drivers to download. M2Tech have released their final versions of the driver as newer Apple OS’s are longer supporting their older products.

Would appreciate a DEV response to this issue, I sent an email prior to purchasing Audirvana about this issue with no response. I’ve tried both Roon and Amarra, and they do not have issues with sample/bitrate switching with this DAC driver and their software.