Stop playback Button

In output source list, we see the following warning: Please stop playback to change audio settings. As in Audirvana 3.5, but where is the stop playback button in Audirvana Studio? I pause the playback, but I can´t change the output source neither can have sound in a browser.

In Audirnana Remote FAQ we see: “In the playback view, press play/pause. A “Stop” button is displayed”. But we don´t any stop button in Desktop app. Removing the stop button in the interface tuns the subscription fee cheaper?

PS: In the output source list the active source color is much similar that non active source color that we need a magnification glass to see the difference.

Hello @JGarcia,

You saw the Remote FAQ, in Studio to stop the audio being played you need to click on the lock icon at the right bottom of Audirvana Studio.

I see now that the lock icon have that purpose. But the traditional STOP button in much more proper for that goal.
Some icons of the interface are too small with plenty of space to be bigger. I almost need a magnification glass.
It´s not a comfortable interface.


I was stuck here too. This thing is AWFUL. Can’t see anything like you say either. What were they thinking?

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clicking on the lock button stops the playback of the music, but does not release my audio device - I cannot change inputs on my audio device until I “quit” Audirvana Studio - stop button function not working!!! going back to 3.5 until this is fixed - also the A+ remote does not connect to my computer with AV Studio but works fine with AV3.5

Why doesn’t Audirvana studio immediately ask if I want to stop and change settings or not?

Playback must stop to change the audio settings.

Do you want to change the audio settings?
Yes - No


Just found this thread after also getting stuck. Why would you make it so unintuitive? Just put the stop button back or put a stop button in the change source window.

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