Stopping a song does not allow to do changes in the active device

Even when I stop a song following " Please stop playback to change audio settings", I can’t do changes in the Active Device page. Everything is grey in it.
The only way to change anything is to shut down the app and reopen it!
Has always been like that since I installed AV.

Just to check, you did actually click on the stop button (not the pause button)?

Of course not )) Thank you so much. Slowly but surely. Any more DSD options to be added to upsampling later on?

Which DAC do you have?

Many use it with DSD512 HQPlayer/Roon. I really don’t like Roon!

Nice DAC. I’m not into upsampling but other forum member will surely be able to help you.

This DAC is fine on PCM. It becomes great with DSD256 and amazing with DSD 512.

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