Stopping audio device in 3.2.13

A+ 3 has suddenly stopped working for me. Whenever I try to play anything the track starts to load then stops with the message “Stopping audio device…” I was on some recent version (not sure which) and just updated to 3.2.13, but nothing has changed. I’ve seen a couple of threads from a year or so ago about some similar issues but was honestly having a bit of a hard time following them. I’m running High Sierra, and playing through an Ayre Qb-9 DAC.

The only thing at all that has changed in my setup is I added Tidal recently, but liked Tidal’s interface better so signed out of Tidal on A+. Things worked fine after that until this recent problem happened.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!

It may well be a crash of your DAC USB interface.
Can you unplug the USB cable to your DAC, power off your DAC, wait a few seconds, then replug it, and power on your DAC again.

Thank you for your reply - gave that a try and had partial progress. At first nothing happened but then I also shut down the Mac, turned off power to the external disk drive, and powered everything back up. Now I can choose a song and it will play, but when moving to a second song A+ shuts down with the same “Stopping audio device…” message. If this is helpful, both iTunes and the Tidal app are playing fine through the DAC.

P.S. - I’ve now also gotten a “Error - unable to grab exclusive access” message once or twice, but not consistently.