Strange App Behavior after A+ Remote Updated

I have had problems with A+ Remote since I updated the app two days ago. The app still “works” in the sense that it controls my Mac mini, but the “Playing” screen no longer works as it did before the update. First, the music list no longer appears on the left side of the screen. Instead, a “Loading” message just spins. Second, the time counter displayed under the artwork on the right side of the screen is malfunctioning. At first, it did not appear at all. After I deleted and reinstalled the app two days ago, the time counter appeared, but with nonsensical time data. Today, I reset all the settings on my iPad. Then, I deleted and reinstalled the app again. This action did not fix the Loading problem, but the timer now counts the seconds lapsed during play. It still does not show total time for the song. These problems occur on both my iPhone, which I do not use to control Audirvana, and my iPad. Has anyone else experienced these problems after updating the A+ Remote app? I am using Audirvana Plus version 2.6.8. Thank you.


only a quick guess, I updated the app a couple of days ago w/o any problem. The difference is that I use A+ V3. Upgrading my Mac Mini to the latest A+ release, I can utilize as well the new A+ Remote features like selecting the DAC. So there might be a problem with backwards compatibility.


Hello, Andreas,

Thanks for your reply. I suspect that you are correct, but Damien assured me that the updated app works properly with version 2. Today, I tried to test the theory, but was unable to download a free trial of version 3 for a second time. For what it’s worth, I didn’t upgrade to version 3 because my Benchmark DAC2 HGC does not support MQA, which seems to be the biggest improvement to Audirvana Plus. I wish there were a way to revert to the older app.