Strange behaviour on Smart Playlists

I created two smart playlist to filter albums by composers. The rule is “composer is equal to” “Composer name”. When I open those playlists, I can see the selected albums, not directly the tracks (similar to a view to the local library).

Now, I tried to create a playlist to have all albums whose composer is not equal to "Another Composer name’.
This time, when I select the playlist, I see a list of tracks not a list of albums.

I surely missed something, but what?

Hello @patifr,

When you open your playlist, do you have the thumbnail or list activated?

Thanks Antoine.
That was indeed the problem. This always confuse me: I need to remember that thumbnails mean albums, and list means tracks!
Problem can be closed.

By the way, why is it that I have to always re-enter my credentials when I start AS? Isn’t there a way to remember them?


Have you tried to disconnect your account (go in settings under my account) and reconnect to it? Do you still need to re-enter credentials after doing this?


That works: disconnect and then restart, reconnect. After, I can exit AS and it does not request my credentials.