Strange interface issues on Audirvana 3.5

Hey all. I’m honestly not sure if this fits within the Library Management and iTunes category but here goes…

I run Audirvana on a late-2012 Mac Mini that was running OSX 10 Yosemite. I wanted to try out Audirvana 3.5 so I upgraded my OS to 10.11 El Capitan (I recognize that I could have gone to a subsequent operation system but prefer to avoid the more recent OSs due to potential additional processing power needed on my older Mac).

Things appear to be running but there are a few strange issues that I wondered if you any of you have experienced. Some of my keyboard commands don’t work, such as page down, page up, home, and end. I have some large playlists and whereas I used to just press ‘end’ to advance to the end, now I have to click the sidebar scroll and drag it down. Using the arrow up and down works but only intermittently. If I press the down-key several times, it will eventually reset and start back up again at the top of the playlist. Also, I’m unable to drag audio files from the Finder directly into the Play Queue. All really weird stuff that does not happen when I launch Audirvana 3.2 on the same system. Only in 3.5.

I should mention that I followed the installation instruction to launch Accessibility within System Preferences and enable Audirvana.

I’d like to add that I have another Mac with Audirvana 3.5 on a recent OS and I don’t have any of these issues so it seems to be specific to my 10.11 El Cap Audirvana 3.5 setup. Additionally, when I launch an older Audirvana (v3.2) on the same 10.11 El Cap Mac Mini, I don’t have any of these issues. So it’s seemingly only on the combo of 10.11 El Cap and Audirvana 3.5.24.

Any thoughts?

Upgrade the MacMini to the latest OS version it supports. It doesn’t require that much more resources. Apple does this quite well.

I may. Though in my experience with some of the older Macs, they really start to crawl when you move beyond three or four operating systems beyond their initial install OS. Maybe it’d be fine here since all I use this machine for is running Audirvana.

In your experience, have you found one particular Mac OS to be more stable for Audirvana than others?


I‘m relatively new to Audirvana, I used it with only the two latest MacOS releases.

In general software works the best with the latest release of the OS because the new versions are mostly tested against it.