Strange Playlist Folder View

Hello Damien and the Audirvana community.
Despite having enjoyed Audirvana for many years, this is my first post, so please be kind if this topic has appeared somewhere else on the forum, I truly could not find it…

I have Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.33, working on two Macs, one MacMini running 10.15 Catalina, and one MacBook Pro running High Sierra.
Both systems have shown the same weird phenomenon while organising my library with smart playlists and folders.
Here it is:

I have created a number of smart playlists, all based on a “genre” criterium (Classical, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, etc…).
All work as expected.
In order to regroup the playlists of popular music genres, I have then created a folder named “Popular Music” to drag and drop in it all relevant smart playlists.
All folder and playlists appear correctly and neatly organised in the sidebar.

Now is the perplexing bit.
When I select the “Popular Music” tab, all the Albums are displayed as expected, but when I select any Album, the tracks of that particular album do not appear. Instead, a selection of random tracks from different albums appear.
I must point out here that irrespective of the Album selected, the same selection of random tracks appear.
When I access the same albums from the corresponding “genre” smart playlist tab contained in the “Popular Music” folder, all Album tracks are correctly displayed.

I have grabbed a number of pictures of what happens and can provide those if needed.
Thank all and one for your views and suggestions.

Why waiting to post your picts…

Thank you RunHomeSlow,
I did not want to encumber the original post with catchy visuals…

First two images where things happen correctly, when the smart playlist tab is selected, In this instance “Pop Music”. The first image shows the selection in Album view, the second one shows the tracks of the selected Album.

Then this is when things are not quite right. First image shows the selection displayed in Album view with the Popular Music folder tab selected. The second and third show the track content shown when selecting two different albums. As you can see, it has nothing to do with the actual content of the Albums.

I hope this helps.
Yours kindly

different playlists of best of albums, with different artists… you love playing with fire :slight_smile:
first, can you check if this is on or off in your preferences… mine is off, can’t remember why right now… but didn’t like it on in the past for my playlists… and see if it changes somethings when off.

you can right click one playlist that seems buggy now
and check if its settings changed since you move it in another place (folder)…

Dear RunHomeSlow,

I hope I have understood your suggestions.

I have verified that the “Sort also Manual Playlists” and can confirm that the toggle is deactivated, and has always been as far as I am aware, and most certainly recently.

As I explained, all smart playlists work individually without fail whether they are in the Playlist Folder or outside of it, in the sidebar.
The problem arises when any number of smart playlist are placed in the Playlist Folder and that the Playlist Folder is selected to display all its content.
Only then, choosing any Album displays the randomised but always similar list of tracks, as appears in the provided images. I am afraid I may have stumbled there on a slightly loose end. I can still enjoy my music to the full, so it is not the end of the world, just a very perplexing matter.

I can only hope the array of music on display in my report has not horrified the life out of you. You will have to allow for someone “past his prime” who took the digital music turn some time in the very beginning of the 80’s with the advent of CDs, having already accrued a quite imposing Vinyl collection. I trust Audirvana’s indexing routines are robust enough for that. :wink:

OK now i see what you means… you just found… a bug :slight_smile:
it does the same thing to me…

i have playlists folder sorted in year… 1950 with 50-59 in them, 1960 with 60-69 in them.
For me, when i click the folder 1960… i have chosen to see it in tracks view… then each year is in album view… all is good.

but if i do like you, when chosing 1960 folder and put it in album view, it is all messed up when choosing the same album that was in tracks view :slight_smile: @Antoine might see this for next updates…

so now, put your folder playlist in tracks view and the playlists inside in album views… :slight_smile:

Dear RunHomeSlow,

Thank you for your prompt comments. As you know now, I have a long association with the digital world, and can modestly state my part in its concept and inception. Equally, I have as well a long association with bugs, mine and others’ … :smile:

Mes encouragements to Audirvana’s team for future corrections.

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