Stream box 2 ultra upnp problem


Hope some on can help me please

Also new here

My Set up is.

Mac mini 2009-stream box 2 ultra-cambridge edge A.


No up sampling-no mqa dac-remote vol off

All software is up to-date and been using audirvana for around 4 years.

Reading a lot on UPNP and it can be hit and miss, but here is my problem.

Every thing works fine for say an hour, tidal, my music ect. Then if i change an album( mqa/aiff/wav) it stops. The stream box reboots and i have to reboot the mac to start playing again.

Its very intermittent, its as if it gets confused and has a wobbly. but cant think how it making the stream box reboot or if at all, could it might be some think else ?

Spoken to nick fuller at henly and there tech guys and there stumped.

Some i thought i would try here

Help please and thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

Hello @Damien_Rye,

One of Audirvana also have some issue with UPnP and he contacted Cambridge Audio regarding this, here is their answer:

Our engineers are aware of discrepancies in the UPnP implementation and we hope to address this in a future update.
Please be a little patient, as a result of the measures taken to control Corona Virus, our projects are all running very late and it may take some time before we catch up.


Hmm :thinking:

Thanks for getting back, no answer here then.

Is there any thing your end fellow damien, that you can think of…

As i say project cant help and asked to speak to you

All help would be grand



Can any one give me more advice on this?

It becoming a very annoying problem.

I have download ROON, as this workS fine, but does not sound as good for sure.



The reboots are a known issues with StreamBox.

If you use it connected via wired ethernet, you can flash it with Ropiee XL. It has better UPnP compatibility with Audirvana and is stable. The downside is that WiFi interface doesn’t work.


Sorry not to good on this bit

When you say flash it what do you mean?


I mean to reinstall different software. There are instructions online how to do this. I would suggest to find somebody who is familiar with this to do it for you.