Stream from one Audirvana Installation to Another

Good Day,

I have Audirvana installed on two mac’s. One is running my head-fi setup and is connected to my music storage via USB. The second install is in my main system. Everything is on the same wireless network.

I would like to know if I could “connect” the two installs i.e. to be able to connect to the first installation via the remote app and select the select the second installation as the output device to share the local music directory?

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Hello @Reshen, I think the easiest way to do this is to screen share you head-fi setup with your main system. It doesn’t rely on Audirvana, it’s a MacOs feature. You need to in System Preferences>Sharing and enable screen share on both Mac and you should be able to remotely control the other Mac.

Thank you for the response @Antoine.

That could be useful, but I am trying to do is stream the local library from the 1st installation to the second one.

Perhaps I need a UPnP or DLNA server on the second mac?


You want to stream your music from one Mac to another one? You don’t want to use your DAC to listen to your music?

Sorry I was being silly. I used the standard file sharing between the two Mac’s as you suggested. The second install is syncing the library right now. I will see how well this works over the network.

So in summary both Audivarna installs are seeing the “network drive”.