When i start playing an album i see the first song turn blue,and when the next song start it dont turn blue and the stream stops after this song.Whats wrong ?I cant solve this problem.

This is a problem I always had with my microRendu streamer. It is due to the streamer’s implementation of UPnP. What type of streamer do you have?

(This is a big reason why I changed to a do-it-yourself streamer, a mini-PC where I install Linux and the UPnP software, so I know it is a “plain vanilla” implementation of UPnP without any manufacturer tweaks. Since doing this I’ve had no problems with streaming.)

Just because you will eventually be asked to do this by support anyway, go to the Audio settings, click the gear wheel for your Output Device, and see if toggling the following settings, individually or in combination, makes any difference:

  • Raw PCM
  • Universal Gapless
  • Fix for unwanted playback stops

Let us know if toggling these works to make the problem go away.

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