Streaming bit-perfect


I’m new here and would like to know if I stream wirelessly from my MacBook to my Onkyo receiver will it be bit-perfect?

Yes, if you use UPnP.

So if I can see my TX-8150 here I can assume it will be bit-perfect? Sorry for being a noob😉

Audirvana recognises my receiver as a UPnP player so everything should be ok here?

Yep, exactly. Keep the software volume control and the upsampling disabled if you want to play bit-perfect.

I will, thanks for your help👍

But the volume slider in Audirvana does not disappear even though the volume control is disabled. When I connect my Mac with my portable dac/amp the volume slider disappears. Is this normal?

probably normal, yes.

Does the volume slider match what’s displayed on your Onkyo receiver? It’s possible you have an extra volume control in Audirvana for your UPnP endpoint. I know I get those if I stream to one of my raspberrypis in the house.


Yes it’s pretty much the same level as my Onkyo and when I adjust the volume in Audirvana it does the same on Onkyo too.

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