Streaming Local Library

New here.

Can i stream my local library over the internet?

So i can listen to the music i have on my computer on my phone.


I don’t believe you can do such a thing with Audirvana. It does not have build it options for external access. Even with its own remote you can’t stream music to your phone while connected through wifi.

I have found an option which works. But it’s for iOS only, and not free… I’m using

They offer cloud storage where you can store your own music, and use their app to play it on your phone. It’s how I listen to my own music collection while at work. Otherwise I’m using the Qobuz and Apple Music apps to stream from their services.

Alright thanks for the information.

Im planning to get an audio streamer to be connected to my amp or dac so I don’t have connect my laptop everytime i want to listen to my music.

How can i link audirvana with the streamer?

Which streamer are you planning to get?

I haven’t decided yet.

You can use Audirvana to stream your music to a so-called endpoint. I have a NUCi5 running GentooPlayer with Mpd/UpMpdCli as a service. The NUC is connected via USB to my DAC.

Is it what you think you’ll be trying to implement?

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