Streaming long songs- degraded audio

When I stream long songs, say 6 minutes and over, I get a crackling and garbled playback. The sound quality becomes terrible. Relaunching the daemon, relaunching the app only works around the issue temporarily. I cannot say if a local file does the same issue. I am on latest version Apple OS with a 2012 15 laptop, SSD and USB connected DACs. I am running Tidal HiFi streams wireless to Aud+ to the MacBook Pro

How much RAM do you have and what are your settings regarding max. memory allocated for tracks pre-load?


16Gb of 1600mHz dimm. max memory slider is all the way to right at 15,360MB. compter is automatically updated to latest OS and patches. I have noticed this issue for a long time.

Can you please set the max memory slider to about 4GB only and report back if this issue is gone?


that seems to have fixed the issue ¡! what else can I do for improved SQ?

My settings:
Large CoreAudio I/O buffer enabled
Forced upsampling deactivated
No Volume Levelling


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