Streaming mode for windows

Hello, I have a Bricasti Am3 dac with streaming module, in settings you have Wisapi,Asio
And Kernel, I am running strictly Ethernet
I was told the 3 settings only apply to usb ,
Is this correct ?

Hello @Dallas2122,

If you select the network option then Wasapi, Asio and KS are ignored because you are using UPnP instead.

Damien, I don’t quite understand your comment. Please could you explain the difference in the function of SA when using either USB output or UPnP? Sorry but I am not very knowledgeable about how music players work. My very simple perception is that Audirvana takes a music file from a storage device or a streaming service such as Qobuz, packages it as a digital stream after making whatever adjustments are needed and outputs it to a Dac or a Dac in a streamer (such as my CA CXN ) either via a usb connection or via UPnP for conversion to an analogue signal. In my set up I select network and then Kernel Streaming which seems the best sound. Is this correct use of Audirvana? I was confused by your remark ‘because you are using UPnP instead’.

The choice between Kernel Streaming, ASIO and WASAPI is for DACs directly connected to the PC. These protocols are not relevant for streamers over Ethernet.

Thank you Jacob for your response. However, it only partly answers my questions as it doesn’t address what the difference is. I am interested to know what is happening to the music in both examples. In particular I need to know if using UPnP in the way I outlined does in fact utilise the sonic benefits of Audirvana as a player or am I solely relying on the quality of the streamer, i.e. not just the dac in the streamer.

When there is a streamer between the DAC and Audirvana, it will have an important role in the result. Audirvana will stream the file as a RAW format to the streamer. It may be that the streamer will sound better because of that. Maybe not.

If you want to apply DSP, Audirvana is fairly flexible. This can have a positive influence.

It really depends on the streamer.
And the UPNP protocol is not very tightly standardized. Depending on brand, type and firmware version, there are some challenges with Audirvana. This can limit the ease of use.