Streaming resolution, Bandcamp account, Schreibfehler

Hi everyone,

thanks for the oppurtunity to use a fora. Since yesterday Im a happy customer of audirvana and qobuz. Great stuff! I use a Win10 computer and a ODAC O2 USB DAC. To get highest possible resolution of audio i downloaded eg Tool Fear Inoculum 96kHz -24 bit wav files from qobuz, marked the folder in the audirvana library and e voila - nice! After that I found out how to connect qobuz to Audirvana. If I start the audio file from the Qobuz Folder ( not library folder) the streamed audio resolution is 16bit 44,1kHz, no matter what settings are made in the Audirvana Streaming qobuz konto. Sure I want to use the luxury connection to qobuz AND the best possible streaming resolution :slight_smile: Any help for this? The Audio quality of audirvana is convincing.
A small spelling mistake is in the German Version of Song Tags -> Datei ->DAuer, (Dauer), no big thing.

Ive seen the easy implementation of qobuz and tidal accounts, will there be more?? I would love to connect my bandcamp account. Kind regards, Ingo

If you are talking about the section “Purchased” under the Qobuz implementation in Audirvana, this is normal that you get it in 16/44 as it is a limitation made by Qobuz.

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Thank you Damian3, thats helpful! So I guess the workaround is to download? Greetings

Yes, you need to download it to have it at a higher sample rate

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Thank you again. I ll write the qobuz customer service, maybe they are listening :slight_smile:

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