Streaming to a DAC/Streamer...?

Hi All,

Just installed the new Audirvana Studio (AS) version as I would like to use it to manage my music library and stream to my Auralic Altair DAC/Streamer. Is it possible to use it in this way, as I don’t see the DAC listed at all as an output device, although I read somewhere that I should be able to select Airplay from somewhere, but not seeing that either.

Very new to this obviously so any guidance/help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Essentially, I am considering AS to replace my Twonky Server (or MinimServer) as a UPnP music server streamer which goes through the Auralic app that I use in connecting to the DAC/Streamer. Hoping this can be achieved with AS as it doesn’t seem obvious at the moment…


Damien explained the issue here

Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll just stick with Twonky streaming to my Auralic DAC/Streamer using the Auralic app on my iPhone and save myself the monthly subscription fees!