Streaming to Oppo Sonica dac

Hi i am using Audirvana for Windows .Playing tru usb to dac works fine.But in In network mode Sonica dac starts to play and stops after to sec.Damien says that the issue are Sonica software bug .My question is anybody with a Mac or win pc experiensed the same problem
That i have?.When using J.river no problem. My Oppo105D works ok in Amarra network mode. :saxophone::studio_microphone::musical_note::notes::loud_sound:

Well, I have this exact same problem today. I just purchased the audirvana so I can stream Qobus to the Sonica without a cable (I had the trial months ago, and did not test this feature). The thing is, jriver works, but does not support Qobuz.

J.river works for me to

Damien responded to me, that jriver had a workaround for that.
To bad Audirvana cant fix it