Streaming with modi 3?

I finally can use tidal on audivarna to stream to my kef lsx active speakers. I have Schiit usb modi 3 and a magni amp that i want to use with the stream but I’m confused. Audirvana sees the modi dac but calls it speakers and the kef lsx network is dark. Is there a way to stream with modi and the amp to the networks?

Why would you want to fo something like that?

I forgot to mention I’m using a windows 10 laptop with audirvana. The Kefs are set to receive the stream wirelessly. Can I insert the dac between my laptop and the kefs?

I want to see if the Modi dac improves sound quality.

Kef lsx can be connected by lan, wired or WiFi or AirPlay , and have an optical input (digital) and an aux input (analogic). To use a dac with them you should connect the dac (or the magni) with an Y cable from the rca connectors to the aux input … but I don’t know if the analog signal is transformed again into digital inside the kef

Thanx for trying to help. I haven’t been clear enough about my set up. I already have Kefs hooked up
with a dac ,TV and cd with a coaxial. My laptop is across the room and I’ve successfully streamed Tidal on Audiverna through the windows 10 media setup. But i was hoping to add the little modi3
into the streaming chain between laptop and Kefs. Audiverna sees the kefs on the network and sees the dac as a speaker but I have to switch between the two. I cant get the modi to see the network. I guess the only way would be wired?

Modi cannot be connected to the network. It has only usb or optical connection

Right. The laptop is used with a Schiit headphone stack but it would be cool to throw that stream to the Kefs wirelessly as well. I’m not the best at this :roll_eyes:

I guess the Audirvana tidal stream doesn’t need a dac anyway?

It is impossible. Modi do not have any network connection, just rca output … and it isn’t WiFi capable.

Kef lsx have a dac inside

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yeah, I see it now. Thanx for listening.