Stuck in 176.400 kHz

It’s a bit confusing since after startup of PC and DAC the controlling app shows that the clock is set to 176.400 kHz. Featurewise it is supposed to manually change the setting to any of the available clocks starting from 44.100 kHz up to 192.000 kHz. However, regularly things are managed automatically and no manual action is required. Device is the Terratec DMX6Fire on Windows 10 latest version.

So, when I try to change the clock manually i.e. to 44.100 kHz it tries to operate the change but, eventually, falls back to 176.400 kHz. Never mind the clock on a higher setting, but it prevents from using some features and sometimes results in noise of stream gaps from the upsampling process. Even, by default, I have set upsampling to none in Audirvana and let the control to the application taking streams as they are coded on file.

My suggestion is that in the background there is an application forcing the setting that I haven’t been able to detect yet. My assumption goes with iOS devices that maintain a constant connect to the PC and overrule in a resource competition of applications. If that makes sense. But, that’s just an assumption.

Hints are highly appreciated on how to detect the involved applications acclaiming clock settings on the DAC.

Well, sometimes it’s great to have things written down and the solution follows right after. I have detected that, assumingly, since the last Windows update Skype was running in an app on the bar for quick call setup. Although, Skype settings were set to non-startup execution. Additionally, Skype is now set to shutdown on windows closure. So, it appears to be clearly off now. In effect, the clock could be set to another frequency and hold on to that. Issue solved.

So, in case someone struggles with clock settings. My posts might give suggestions at least.

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