Stuck on 'Loading first track'

Hi I’ve just paid for a year’s licence with Audirvana - I had it all set up with Tidal streaming (Moode - Pi2AES) and it was playing fine and now suddenly it is stuck on ‘Loading first track’ and absolutely nothing shifts this - reinstalled Audirvana; removed Tidal streaming link and relinked it; messed about with all the settings that I’ve read might help from other posters with the same problem but nada.

Same problem from the iOS Audirvana app if I play from there.

I’m running MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3

Can someone help?

Check if the firewall is enabled. Just to confirm that this is causing the issue, disable it temporarily.

Thanks - firewall didn’t change anything but mysteriously I had also lost airplay connectivity (i.e., direct from the Mac to the Pi2AES) and restarting my Pi2AES seemed to remedy everything.