Studio / 3.5

I just downloaded the studio trial. But where is my 3.5 version? I have settings I need to import and favorites as well. My understanding is that the 2 can run simutaneously!

Can you still open 3.5?

No sign of 3.5 anywhere I can see. The icon on the taskbar that used to open 3.5 now opens AS!

Mac or Windows?

You can run them together so your application folder will hold your original 3.5. Find that and then use option to stay in task bar.

Windows….so where in the application folder will I find 3.5?

I’m a mac man and can’t remember where the Applications sit in Windows… But… If I remember it is called…see image.

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 11.50.05 am

Remembering that it was my idea to use the font used on earlier versions of Audirvana when the interface looked like hifi equipment…

Doing a search on your comp. “Audirvana” should reveal all.

Got it…Thanks!

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Happy New Year.

“Software Application Lost Location Frustration” is being considered for the DSM6.


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