Studio Behaves Differently in Different UPnP/DLNA Environments

I have 4 different UPnP/DLNA setups:

  • Studio on Windows to microRendu

  • Studio on Windows to upmpdcli running on Linux Mint

  • Studio on Mac to upmpdcli running on Xubuntu (Debian/Ubuntu-based distro)

  • Studio on Mac to upmpdcli running on ArcoLinux (Arch-based distro)

Running from Windows, UPnP/DLNA playback with Studio is absolutely solid.

Running from Mac, there are different behaviors depending on which Linux install Studio is playing to.

Playing to Xubuntu, I’ve set Studio to output, and the DAC receives, DSD512. After playing multiple tracks, however, playback starts skipping around within and between songs and eventually crashes. There is an indication this is owing to a bug in Ventura.

Playing to ArcoLinux from the same Mac, Studio is set to and outputs DSD512, but the DAC doesn’t receive that resolution (I don’t know exactly what resolution it does receive, as the indicator LED color could be any one of several resolutions, perhaps PCM or perhaps DSD64). And Studio doesn’t skip around or crash, it plays the first of multiple songs in the queue, then stops just short of the end of that first song.

I’m supposing the failure to get DSD512 to the DAC in ArcoLinux is owing to some misconfiguration on my part. And perhaps it’s the failure to output DSD512 to the DAC that keeps Studio from crashing in that situation? But then there is the problem of playback stopping.

Interesting stuff, and any suggestions are welcome. Happy to provide additional information if that would help.

Or your DAC can’t do DSD512 in DoP, Would be better to test using PCM 14/44.1 and go up from there.

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The DAC does DSD512 natively. It will do so all day long from Windows, as well as from the Mac to the microRendu (a custom Linux) and Xubuntu (though eventually skipping and crashing). It’s only when playing to ArcoLinux that DSD512 gets sent from Studio but doesn’t make it through to the DAC. There’s something about the configuration of the UPnP/DLNA renderer on that OS preventing it from doing so.

Solved ArcoLinux. Turns out at least the folks doing mpd for that distro think “digital” means “SPDIF.” So although I’ve got a USB DAC, if I tell mpd it’s an IEC958 (SPDIF standard) DAC, it works.

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