STUDIO crashing/shutting off

@Antoine thanks you already answered my question about having to sign in with email and password each time!—BUT will I need my STUDIO ‘key’ to reconnect?
I make extensive playlists my latest list plays for extended period then STUDIO stops playing and if i hit replay it says-“opening…” preparing to open then says “unable to find/use audiofile to play…” or something like that or STUDIO just crashes and the ‘reopen’ or ‘send report’ box comes up and when I restart it and have to log in again with email and password the same thing happens so I have to quit SUDIO and reopen it again.
This happens almost every time I play a playlist of mine regardless of it’s length happens more often(I think) with my self made Qobuz playlists then with my self made TIDAL playlists

Thanks bobbmd

@OffRode thanks for that bit of info BUT i tried to ‘disconnect’ and I still continue to have to sign in every time and what about the second part of my question

Can you send us the content you have in the crash report at