Studio download

First , I am not pleased that after only 18 months I am now facing a switch to a subscription service , but I decided to give it a try even though what I had read about the details wasn’t overly exciting to be honest!
Anyway , my version of Audirvana is installed on a Mac mini which is used solely as a music streamer, so I went to safari and tried to install the download! It didn’t happen, I entered my account details and it sent me to a page saying a link would be sent to my email account and when i inserted the password they would include my temporary account would be activated.
Well the link was about 30 characters long and I gave up typing it ( I don’t use email on my Mac mini) so it isn’t installed let along has the password been entered , but a few seconds later I had another email saying my account is now activated.
I am so sorry but I really don’t see why you can’t just login to a page on their web page and login with a sensible password! It seems to be making the whole process overly complicated.
While I am at it I was also very unimpressed by the number of spelling mistakes on the studio website , they say they are a professional organisation but don’t use spell check!

Yes I know that , but they are pushing studio hard but seem to be making it unbelievably hard to actually try it!