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Maybe it’s me, but I can’t seem to figure out how to create a playlist and add tracks to it. The interface is very confusing to me. Is there a tutorial or video available somewhere? I read the embedded help and it really wasn’t any. It seems to be meant as a refresher for someone that forgot part of the process, not a newbie. I also saw that a number of posts that asked this question and just got a response that showed where on the interface to get started, but no further explanation. That’s not helpful to a newbie.

Yes Audirvana is not that logical or easy… i can see that also

Many steps everywhere are added for simple things you think you can do
if you were the developper :slight_smile: but i’m not…

So, create a playlist or smart playlist or folder that you can put playlists in after,
then, add a filter to identified them specifically…

i don’t use streaming, so my playlists are all Smart Playlist that get updated any time i add
a new album in my database… can’t help you if you are streaming or …

Hello @JHC2,

If you have the latest version of Audirvāna Studio, you should have an option to Start the guided tour of Audirvāna Studio again in the Appearance settings of Audirvāna.

Thanks @RunHomeSlow , but I’m trying to build a manual playlist from my local music.

Thanks @Antoine. I played the entire guided tour and there is no reference to how to build a playlist, only a mention that you can build and select them to play. :slightly_frowning_face:

It is the same as smart, look at my first picture… the first icon in second rectangle create a regular playlist… give it a name… then select whatever you want in your music and drop it on it or select the three dots to add them to it…

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For a manual playlist:

Go to the playlist editor:

In the playlist editor click ‘Create new playlist’ and type a name for that playlist (I named it ‘TEST Playlist’) and press enter.

Close the playlist editor with the cross on the right top:

From now on you can go to your albums or tracklists and click the 3 dots ‘…’ and then you see an option ‘Add to playlist’ with the name of your newly created playlist there. You can add a whole album to that playlist if you are in the album view (as shown below) or a track if you are in the track view.

Experiment a bit and you’ll get the hang of it.
In the playlist editor you can also remove playlists by clicking on the trashcan etc.
This is basically how a playlist is done.

Thanks @AndyLubke. That explains what I was missing perfectly :clap: I find the interface unintuitive when building playlists now that I see how it’s done. I expected to be able to drag and drop a track or album to a playlist in the playlist editor like almost every other list building software I’ve encountered.

you can also…
create a playlist, name it wahtever you want,
go in tracks view to see all your music…
select one, select a second while maintaining command key on the keyboard, a third , fourth… again maintaining command key, then drag the selection by clicking on one title of a song and drag all of them to the playlist or i think you can also click the three little dots before a song to add them all…

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I just was going to answer that you can drag & drop also, but @RunHomeSlow has beaten me to it :grin:. In my explanation I wanted to keep it simple so I only mentioned the method with the three dots. But indeed (like RunHomeSlow has already explained) you can leave the window of the playlist editor open (and resize it and move it everywhere you want) and drag and drop tracks on it as well.

In a recent update Audirvana has added the ‘guided tour’ to make it more user friendly which is a step in the right direction, but I agree with you that a link to an (online) user manual would be the next logical step. The ‘guided tour’ only points out where things are, but not how they have to be done. In my opinion, for a simple program, this would be sufficient, but not for Audirvana which has much more functionality than that.

On the other hand I noticed that Audirvana has immensely improved during the last couple of months and gets regularly updated, so I can imagine that this is not number one on the priority list right now, but (hopefully) will happen eventually.

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