Studio in Offline Mode When Online

After working just fine in my home since it’s release, Studio has suddenly decided to show the message below as soon as I click on the icon to launch it—despite the fact that the machine it’s running on is online and all other apps can successfully access data from the internet. I haven’t changed anything on my network. I’m running version 1.9.0 (latest version—no updates available) on an iMac, and I have no firewalls enabled. I restarted my router, which didn’t fix anything.

I had this today whenever i restart, yesterday too i think, thought that maybe audirvana was starting to fast in my login app, before my wifi start, guess not now…

I’m on Monterey 12.1

Hello @musicyeah, are you also using Monterey 12.1 on your Mac?

Big Sur 11.5.2

This morning here Wednesday, same window offline for me

This happens to me periodically on Surface Pro 6. I just launch again and it works. Annoying yes. Not the end of the world. It started several .versions ago for me. Weird thing is it is not every time, just sometimes.

Well, it’s working now. I haven’t changed a thing. Just tried it again, and I’m back to normal. Must’ve been an issue on the server side?

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