Studio/Qobuz with MacOS

Hello. I have a trial of Audirvana Studio and I am thinking about subscribing or purchasing. Switching from Apple Music due to wanting to get bit perfect playback on my Macbook Pro M1 Pro. Having two issues/concerns before I subscribe however. I have an iFi Zen DAC V2.

First, it appears when I use Audirvana to stream Hi-Res audio from Qobuz, the DAC will recognize the higher sample rates. However, if I open the Apple Audio MIDI setup application, it will show say 16-bit 96 kHz selected, when the audio stream is at 24-bit 96 kHz. So, is the DAC receiving the full audio stream from my Mac?

Secondly, lets say that I close out of Audirvana completely and then play a YouTube video. The audio is “stuck” at the prior bitrate of again say 16-bit 96 kHz. It appears that I have to manually change the setting back in the Apple Audio MIDI application (or my Mac at that point is upsampling the audio). Is this normal?

I thought in exclusive mode, the Audirvana application would take control of the audio settings and play back the stream in bit perfect condition. Then, when the application is closed, MacOS would take back over and use the default setting (which was set at 16-bit 44.1 kHz). But that does not appear to be the case in my situation and I was wondering if I am missing something, or if this is how the application is supposed to work on a Mac device.


Hi @wwatson4,

Thank you for the detail description, can you please send a screenshot of Audio Midi Setup when you play a Youtube video?

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