Studio Remote errors with My Music/Tracks

When I play something from My Music/Tracks window (Its a fresh install so I already have only Tidal Favorite Tracks) here, S.Remote load all Favorite tracks like a Play Queue (300+ tracks)
Till now everything works ok

After that, if I try to play different track from the My Music/Tracks, after 2-3 ok played tracks I started to have Request Error.
Afner next few attepts sometimes S.Remote play different (not that required) track from Play Queue, sometimes I have Request Error back. Change to Local/Tracks not helps - same problem,
Request Error.

Studio Remote On Samsung Tab S2 (Android 7.0) or Samsung S10+ (Android 11) - same results
Last trial ver. Audirvana Studio

I new so probably i have no option to add screens or video :wink:

Hello @Wladdy,

Can you please send us a screen record by mail at [email protected]?