Studio will now not play any files from my mac after firmware update on Cambridge Cxnv2

Following an firmware upgrade on my Cambridge audio Cxnv2 I carried out earlier AS will now not play any type of music files from my mac it only cues them up, previously it would play 64 and 128 dsf file formats but not any of my flac or m4a I have though managed to play songs through the remote which also did work well but is now very glitchy, does anybody else have this problem after they carried out the update or have any idea if the problem is with the CXN or AS?

Thanks in advance


Further to this post this it is now sorted it must have been a glitch in the player

Any idea what was in the update? I have installed it but can’t find what has been changed. It doesn’t seem to have changed anything with Audirvana. The UpnP problem is the same even with latest Audirvana update.

Hi if you mean the Cambridge CXNV2 firmware update i have no idea , with Audirvāna The remote was Connecting and was controlling the music the Mac was not but later iit managed to do it without an update, I still can’t play flac or m4a though despite the fact AS had now had 3 updates

Sorry, I did not make myself clear, I meant the CXN one. I have now found what it includes. Here is the summary:

  • Fixed a TIDAL Integrated audio dropout when skipping AAC tracks with a premium subscription
  • Fixed a Cast authentication issue that caused Cast to stop working for some users
  • Changed “play-from-here” behaviour to clear the current queue before adding new tracks
  • Fixed playback pausing between tracks when using 3rd party UPnP control points.
  • Fixed CXR power on/off via the SM App
  • Fixed CXR IR remote control transport buttons
  • Increased maximum number of presets from 20 to 99
  • Fixed metadata reporting for Control4/RTI systems
  • Removed 50th anniversary Cambridge Audio logo from the webmin settings page
  • Improved initial setup process
  • Updated “Edge Remote” app references to “StreamMagic”
  • Updated webmin device settings headings
  • Fixed playback when selecting specific tracks from the queue on CXR
  • Fixed mDNS broadcasting after changing the device name and then rebooting
    I had wondered if the UPnP change might fix my problem but it doesn’t.

Thanks didnt see that, so are you also having the same problem of not being able to play flac and m4a in As from a external drive as i am with my Synolgy Nas ?

I only have a few files on an external drive which I play direct to my OPPO rather than the cxn, via the usb connection.