Studio won't launch on Mac

Not used the app for several days, it had logged me out.

Went through the faff of having to login again having forgotten my password which has not been needed for months (this is so inconvenient).

The app hung. If I try to launch it is imply doesn’t and I have to continually Force Quit.

Hello @TheCat,

Can you install the latest version of Studio using this link? Download - Audirvana

After doing this, are you able to log into it?

I can log in but it seems to hang at:

Not all my attached drives/NAS are currently connected - is it just updating an Audirvana database file or is it trying to do something with or analyse my downloaded files again?

Do you still have Audirvana 3.5 installed?


I was on Studio 1.6.2

Does Studio alter the 3.5 library or copy it when I initially installed Studio months ago?

Best as I know Studio will not make any changes to 3.5 database

As far as I know, 3.5 and AS use seperate databases. So it’s unlikely AS has changed 3.5’s library.

1.6.2 or 1.7.2? It’s important to know. If you downloaded the version from the link I gave you, it would be 1.7.2.

Downloaded and installed 1.7.2 over 1.6.2.

Had to Force Quit numerous times, a reboot has allowed it to run.

I wondered as when i initially tried studio it had the local library sources of 3.5 added to its local library after which it began analysing and adding metadata to music on the NAS.