"subscription expired" but I still have 7 months left of paid period (no answer from support)

My subscription was canceled from May 2, as auto-generated letter from audirvana team wrote to me via email, but it also said that I can use my subscribtion till next billing cycle, which is at the end of november, and it was fine for me if it was true… but Audirvana Studio on MAC is working only in offline mode, and on Windows it’s not working at all… tried to write to support email, been a few days, no answer, tried to write from different email (gmail), only had auto-generated answer from support, which don’t help at all… So decided to write here, as I don’t have any other choice…

Maybe you could try to disconnect your Mac and log out of your account and then restart from scratch. No guarantees though that it won’t lock you out.
Not sure where support has gotten off to, @Antoine has not been available last few days. Rather par for the course sometimes unfortunately.

On “My Account” page in Studio it says that next due date is 04.06.2023… I afraid to disconnect there, probably Studio won’t work after it at all (like on Windows), for now I can still use it with local library…

Are you sure your date is not april 6, 2023 ?

Cmon put on your big boy pants :joy::wink::rofl: kidding …….yes it could blow up
Show us your screenshot of your account info

Lots of times a log out and re login does set things straight again.


Also had this in email from audirvana team previously:

Owen, this is definitely a @Antoine issue. Hang in there until he resurfaces, he will see this since I tagged him. You sent information to support@audirvana.com correct? About all you can do for now I’m thinking :thinking: Maybe someone else has another idea? Hang in there buddy.

Adding: did you ping Paddle? They handle the money part, you have a receipt I assume?

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Thank you.

Yes, from two different emails, one is that connected to my Audirvana account, second from gmail.

No, I don’t think there is an issue there, because as seen on the screen above on receipts page of my account there is a receipt 83.99 on 03.12.2022…

I can download it from that page, there is no issues with it, it says “PAID”

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Maybe a silly question but did you check your spam box in your e-mail? I sometimes got mail from Audirvana ending up in my ‘unwanted mail’ or spam box.

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Oh yeah, not a silly question at all.

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It’s not a silly question, but yes, for a few days I’m checking it as regular as I check my main incoming folder… on both mails…

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Hi @DragonOwen

How do you pay for your subscription?
Is it possible that if you pay be card it could have expired?
Shouldn’t really make any difference as you’re subbed until November, but…

Good luck with finding a solution :+1:

Due to some circumstances I can’t comment on that and I understand that main source of the issue is that I had delete card info from audirvana account after payment (I had to), but it does not change the fact that I paid a money for a year period of time from 28.11.2022 till 28.11.2023…

Yeah, I hear you.
I think @Antoine will (hopefully) provide the answer.
Good luck.

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Support finally answered via email, they fixed the issue.


Same issue with my account, mailed to support, hope to get a quick fix. Obviously, billing error.

Yeah, hope now support will resolve this issue faster than in my case… And maybe they will resolve the bug globally, so they didn’t need to resolve it individually for every time…

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