Subscription Renewal Reflection

Just received an emailed receipt for another years subscription to Studio and found myself reflecting on the two years since its release. Only appropriate therefore that I offer my sincerest thanks to the Audirvana team for the work they do in developing this software.

The joy I get from listening to music with Studio is immense, something I experience every day and contributes greatly to my enjoyment of my time on this planet.

Once again, thanks!


So, you will be renewing for another year? :slight_smile:
i use myself Origin, but just curious since you are happy :slight_smile:

Hi @Djm1960 I agree. Since starting with Audirvana from the beginning I’ve only good things to say. Sound is fantastic. That’s really all I ask.

I use Origin because I never stream. And any difficulties are usually not terribly important, resolved quickly and my go to is "I must adapt to circumstances."




The sound quality of AS is for me the best I have heard by quite a margin. As a passionate music lover (both playing and listening since the age of 8) sound quality is the route to my contentment. Also I have absolutely no issues using AS with my system with the odd gremlin being easily resolvable with a bit of fault diagnosis.

As such I will continue to subscribe until my heart stops beating or something that is even better comes along. Most likely it will be the former not the latter………

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Like you, i like my Origin… same machine as Studio without streaming, i like it too :slight_smile:


I’ve decided not to renew my Studio subscriptions. They will expire coming month.

Studio’s sound quality is, without a doubt, excellent. But it doesn’t offer the same integration that Roon offers when it comes to connecting my local hardware or remote access through Roon ARC.

I also found that AS’s UPnP support leaves a lot of room for improvement. My main streamer is my Cambridge CXNv2 in the living room. And it just won’t play with Audirvana. With Roon it just works.

My Volumio AMP and WiiM Mini do work though.

As much as I love Audirvana’s sound quality and Studio’s interface. I will be sticking with Roon which just works and does everything I want It to. Hence my decision last year to buy a lifetime subscription.

Don’t say that, David :smile:


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Rest assured I plan on getting a few more decades on the planet but I doubt whether I will find something better from a sound quality perspective during that time!


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