Suddenly, after an import, my library was almost empty

Dear all,

Today, as usual, I used my iPad to look for some music to be played. I used the search button and typed in the name of my favourite composer (Dmitri Chostakovitch) and could only find one album, when I own several tenths of them.
I then looked at the library and it only contained 945 albums when I used to have more than 5000. I checked that the NAS volume was still mounted, and it was not when Audirvana was up and running.

I restarted Audirvana and checked that the volume was mounted: yes, it was. I restart the synchronisation and this time it retrieved all my 5000+ albums.

I suspect that I lost the network connection with the NAS during the import and thus it was not complete. But there are things which I find rather strange:
1/ If a network failure occurs and connection with the mounted volume is lost, why is it that Audirvana does not inform the user through an error message?
2/ If such event appears in the middle of the process, why is it that several albums are removed from the library?

Thanks for your help in understanding this. I have to admit I’m a bit lost…


Hello @patifr,

Thank you for this topic. You are right about your question and we need to take a further look to it as it will mean more check made by Audirvana for NAS device connection.

Ok, thanks a lot Damien.
By the way, is there a way to get an export in text format of the content of the library, just to check that all my files have been imported?
Or, is there a way to access the log file (if any) produced by Audirvana to look at the errors found during import?
I’ve seen in the MAC console some errors on some FLAC files but I cannot retrieve them now that I rebooted the machine.


We do not store logs of Audirvana but you can see those errors when you go in the console App. If you search Audirvana and you try to reproduce the issue you should be able to see the errors.

Dear Damien,

I can see errors in the console and I’m not sure to understand them:

1- CueSheet loader: incorrect FILE,TRACK,INDEX order, discarding damaged cue sheet file**
Here I presume that the cue file is incorrect and is discarded in favour of the list of tracks as files.

2- Error opening the FLAC file for decoding: file=file://%2FVolumes%2FAudio%2FClassique%2F%5BFLAC%2016bit-44.1kHz%5DJohannes%20Brahms%20-%20Klavierwerke%20-%20Piano%20Work%20-%20Peter%20Rosel%20%285cd%27s%29%2FCD1%2FCD1.flac error = 4
Not sure to understand that one. What is error 4?

3- Local Library Sync: Error setting albums folder loaded image in folder
Not sure to fully catch the idea there: is there a problem with the association album/image?

4- save for track rollback Slawische Tänze, Op. 46: Nr. 8 g-moll: Presto (Furiant) result: UNIQUE constraint failed: TRACKS.location_dev_uuid, TRACKS.location_rel_path, TRACKS.start_frame
And that one is very cryptic…

That’s all for today.


I think you have a corrupted Audirvana database, you then need to export your playlist, close Audirvana and remove the database. By default it is located here:


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