Suggested Title Modification

In iOS, the remote is named ‘Audirvana ®’. I own a Meridian 210 - and a Meridian 218. On the latter, one can enter the URL of an iOS app, such as ‘mcontrol://‘. The result is that one can easily switch between the two applications.

Because ‘audirvana ®’ is not one single word, an invalid URL error code is displayed. Trying ‘audirvana_®’ or ‘audirvana+®’ doesn’t work.

Please consider removing the ‘®’ from the iOS title to make it accessible by my Meridian 218.

Try standard URL encoding, if it’s an URL it accepts…


Might also try Audirvana%20%AE

Thanks for both suggestions. Sadly, it doesn’t work. ‘Invalid Switching URL’ is the error message that results.

Hello @spinaltap,

Do you mean Audirvana ® ? the R is here to indicate its a Remote and not Audirvana for your smartphone. Can you explain why you want to use mcontrol?

I’m currently trying the Audirvana MacOS trial software, and have purchased the Audirvana iOS app.

Normally, a USB HDD is connected to my Meridian 210 as a UPNP music server. Here, I use the third-party ‘mcontrol’ iOS app (nothing to do with Meridian) on my iPad to play music.

On my connected Meridian 218 (connected to my 210), by typing mcontrol:// within the Meridian Control app for the Meridian 218 I can easily switch between mcontrol and the 218.

Similarly, if I was using iPeng to control music from my Squeezebox Touch, I would enter iPeng:// in the url switching window of my Meridian 218 Control app. Likewise, Roon:// would produce the same result.

The problem is with the Audirvana Remote for iOS, since its title is ‘Audirvana ®’ rather than simply ‘Audirvana’. By entering ‘audirvana ®’ into the Meridian 218 Control iOS app, a url switching error message is returned. Audirvana is not alone in this issue, as ‘Amarra Play’ produces the same problem.

The remedy is for the ‘®’ to be removed from the title of Audirvana for iOS. It would then become one word alone, which would then work on my Meridian 218 Control app.

When using Audrivana, my music source is my Mac Mini Server (not my USB HDD).

Here, my Mac Mini Server instantly identifies my Meridian 210 on the network. While I can use Audirvana iOS on my iPad, it would be of benefit to be able to seamlessly switch between Audirvana iOS and the Meridian Control app.

Audirvana Remote can only be used with Audirvana software so you won’t be able to use it in the Meridian iOS app.

When you are using the Audirvana Remote connected to your Audirvana for MacOS you just have to select your Merdian 210 in your audio output settings and play your music, no Meridian control app needed.

I do use Audirvana iOS with Audirvana MacOS. However, because the volume control in Audirvana is slow in reacting to changes in volume control, it is absolutely necessary to link Audirvana to the Meridian Control app (for instant control of volume).

By linking the to apps, it would then be easy to switch between the two.

The Meridian Control app is compatible with iPeng, Sooloos, Roon and (Apple) Remote - because they all use single words to describe them. Audirvana is the exception, and will be the likely reason why I choose not buy it once my trial period finishes. Pity.

The reaction of your volume control change depends of the quality your WiFi connection. Since you seems to have a lot of things connected to it, did you tried with less device connected to your WiFi?