Suggestion - Client / Server

What the heck why not.

I would like to see a client/server configuration instead of the current one-box solution.

I’d like to install the main software on a computer and ‘stream’ it to a Audirvana-client. This way I can use it in more locations without having to install software/licences etc at other locations.

A Linux ARM-client would be best so people could easily use a RaspberryPi.

You have that already, just install any compatible UPnP capable distro on the RPi and you’ll have it.

You mean like the whole Bubble Upnp thing etc etc…

Thats kind of make-shift and 2nd-class imo.

I’m thinking something more along the lines of a ‘native’ client like squeezelite or what Roon has with Roon-bridge.

Nope, just install Volumio, RoPieee XL, or any other distro that supports UPnP on a RPi and you can play to it from Audirvana.

What about SQ?

I guess I should try it and judge for myself.

I think it’s an awesome idea.
The headless version of Audirvana server that you can control using an Audirvana client app for various platforms.

SQ is where Audirvana shines.

The various RPi solutions are nowhere as good.

Not true, there are RPi based solutions that go from basic to serious audiophile grade gear. It’s hardware, not software dependent. Give it a good DAC implementation and feed it with clean DC power and it will sing.

Okay I tried the Upnp method.

I give it a 8 out of 10. I used RopieeeXL and Dietpi for Upnp, both sounds the same and both sound on the ‘thicker’ side of neutral. Not exactly transparent or crisp but slightly more bass heavy and thick.

With which DAC HAT did you try it?

I have several Dac’s on hand but I tried it with these two.

Audiogd Master 7
Havana Orchid


Allo Digione Sig
USB into Dac with Amanero USB
Converters with Amanero and one with XMOS USB

So I used straight USB and Coax / BNC with three different interfaces.

It sounds more like hardware limitation than software. You can try with higher end USB bridge like ultraRendu or SOtM.

Many vendors use UPnP, including some real high-end stuff manufacturers like Linn, Chord, PS Audio, etc… There are not many, non proprietary, alternatives on the market.

How would you rate direct USB connection using the same gear? Is it better or worse?

Interesting POV.

In order to get the best sound out of Audirvana you must spend an extra $1,000+ not including special cables, power cords and specialty power supplies of course.

Hmmmmm, not good.

You don’t need an USB bridge if you can reach the DAC using USB cable. The whole point of the USB bridge is to avoid having to run a long USB cable.

Some believe that the USB bridge provides additional isolation.

Yeah some believe that…

Sound is hugely subjective and producing sound in this hobby introduces tones of variables.

General notions of good, better, best can have wide ranges of acceptance. So its best to approach this stuff with an open mind, open ears and a closed wallet…otherwise you can go down a rabbit hole that might be very costly.

At the end of the day its all about the music. Good music sounds good no matter what…imo.



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