Suggestions for new music discovery

Hi, it would be great to have in Audirvana suggestions of new albums, tracks, based on data what user is listening most, same as roon have. It is super nice future for new music discovery.

I don’t use Studio, but i think it is already there… some didn’t like it and you can stop it in the prefs??.. so enable must be there too?

You can enable or disable that in the Audirvana settings in the Qobuz section.

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Thanks. I use Origin. That’s why I can’t find it. Duh!

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Me too! But I have used Origin for a while. The requested feature does not seem to make a lot of sense for local files only. So I presumed the OP means Audirvana Studio.

Do you mean Audirvana Studio for streaming Qobuz and Tidal? Or do you mean Audirvana Origin which can only play local files?
For Audirvana Studio you can allready switch it on or off in the settings.

Hello, yes I mean Audirvana Studio specially for Tidal. I will check then settings, probably somehow I missed this option, if it is available for Tidal also.
Thanks again and sorry for misleading post…