Summary of the trial period

Works on my High Sierra
Properly works with my DAC via UPnP
It costs me nothing

Does NOT work properly on my High Sierra
It doesn’t work properly with my DAC via UPnP
It would costs me money every month!

What do you advice - to subscribe or not to subscribe?

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Well I would suggest stick to 3.5 then :slight_smile:

Thank you :wink:

First of all sorry of my english. I bought 3.5 2 months ago and I was satisfied by the sq, wich is most important for me. But AS sounds greater! With a good DAC, r3brain upsampling, voxengo eq, sonimus eq, good amplifier and speakers it’s really really anazing, best sound i heard so far. Of course depends on the source, even on Qobuz I found tracks that not sound really full hq, shame on then because they know to ask for money (Qobuz UK). Anyway, in most of the cases is the best sq so far! Now i want to say something about my usage: I don’t use the library and don’t care about it, i have a slow computer and this is one of the reasons. Just play the folder i want with drag and drop (windows). I use playlists and favorites and i’m very satisfied with this usage. Sometimes the tracks are dubbed, sometimes not. The radios works in many cases. In a word I’m a happy customer, there are some bugs but not big deal for me. I didn’t have a crash for 10 days or something, i don’t need remote, have a single room and prefer to listen to what i love, even a whole album or playlist without touching anything. So i will subscribe, hoping the things will get better. They need to survive and to make some profit, it’s normal. But if you are not satisfied with AS you can leave and come back in… let’s say 6 months. It’s so easy, don’t you think?

I will consider your suggestion.
But if it doesn’t work properly at all, what’s there to talk about SQ …

I agree with you. If i will have problems i will need to stop subscription, unfortunately.

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