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I submitted a problem to Audirvana support ( and restarted it several times getting as an answer an automatic enigmatic message :
- explaining what to do with Audirvana 3.5 ( my problem is on Audirvana Studio !!!)
- and telling “for all other concerns or requests regarding Audirvana, please visit our community forum here: Search results for '' - Audirvana. You may find directly the answer to your question, and if you can’t find it, you can ask it in the forum.”
I asked several times to Audirvana support for a clarification on the meaning of this message : no answer.

Does it mean that now the Audirvana support is only through the Audirvarna community ? Does it mean that the Audirvana support at disappeared ?

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I certainly cannot say what has happened earlier, Sounds odd knowing that Antoine is on duty 5 days a week. How about you start over and post your exact issue here and then send that text to support. Perhaps one of the gurus on the forum can be of assistance. Antoine will be off duty for the weekend so don’t expect to hear from him until Monday Paris time

Best of luck with it, I’ll keep my eye open

The issue has been already described in this forum (Big Issues with the Volume Control without assistance.
Detailed description of the problem including debuginfo have been delivered to the support : no answer to the problem.
As I said “I asked several times to Audirvana support for a clarification on the meaning of this message : no answer.”

I want to know if the support has disappeared or not . I don’t want to waste my time describing issues and sending debug info to the support if it is useless. I want to know the effective channel from which the problems can be described and solved.

Hi Alain1!
The email support does work, but it is not immediate. Recently i sent an email to them, they took a couple of days to respond, i sent them the information they requested regarding an issue with DSD256 upsampling not working with radio stations. They suggested also opening a ticket with their partner IFI Audio, which i did. After IFI Audio troubleshoot the issue on their side, they told me to get support from Audirvana, as the issue is with Audirvana software, So i used the same initial email chain with Audirvana, including the IFI Audio feedback. After a few days they confirmed the bug and told me it would be solved in the next update.
So, wait a bit more for a reply or resend the original email with a note saying that they didn’t reply to the original, so the are aware of some issue with their email system.

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Wow, you upsample mp3 radio to dsd256 and found it buggy? Try just listen to it regular playing, still crap :grinning:


No it has not

I finally received today a mail from support telling they are performing additional tests to understand the problem.

And I saw today that the automatic mail answer from the support has been updated making clear that the support continues to work. Good.