Support for Apple Music HiFi

On PC?

Yes. iTunes is only availabe on Windows. Because the Mac uses the far newer Music app.
iTunes doesn’t show it, but all you need to do is go to preferences and change the sound settings.
So the bits and sample rate.

Oh Thanks

Very Interesting I try to listen to Green Day album which on my iPhone say HiRes Lossless for 24 Bit 192khz but on my PC and DAC says its 44.1 even though I set the sample rate at 192khz and 24 Bit

This needs an Audirvana solution so badly… there’s no way to tell what the source bitrate is, or a way to search Apple Music itself from apple’s remote app. Did anyone figure out a way to remote control Apple Music from a phone?

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Apple Music is having loseless hifi now. I have this big wish to Audirvana, please have a streaming connection feature to Apple Music hifi. If you can do it within a month, surely I will subscribe for your Studio version without finishing my trial!

If you want Audirvana to work with Apple you need to write to Apple about it, not here.
Apple are famous for not sharing but keeping their stuff to themselves, so I don’t think it will happen.
But write to Apple to try to persuade them.
Good luck.

They actually have a good track record of enabling third party access to some services. Even Apple Music has an API but it doesn’t seem to support streaming at the moment:

There’s also MusicKit for streaming, but it seems to be for iOS only:

For macOS, I think you can use MusicKit JS which is a Javascript library:

This article in French says that not only third party developers will be able to integrate Apple Music to their application, but that they will even get a percentage of the revenue if the user subscribe to Apple Music through their application.


Here’s the link to the “Apple Services Performance Partners Program” overview:


Check out this entirely JavaScript-based iPod-Apple music player! I think it shows that audirvana streaming is possible.

Yeah in the Apple Music app on the Mac you need to set the bit rates in the app’s preferences.

You can not set the bit rate output in Music preferences.
You can set it in Audio Midi configurator.

And Music is unable to play bit-perfect. It will always output the bit-rate that was set in the Audio Midi configurator.

But if the setting in the output is 24-96, and you play a 16-44.1 track, it will upsample it. If you play after that, a 24-192 track, it will downsample it.

When you stream with your iPhone and iPad, you can have a bit-perfect playback.
When you do it with the Music app of the Mac, it’s probably the most simple to set the output to 24-192, and remain with this output whatever are the streaming tracks that you play.

Hopefully they will improve this player. Music on Mac is a very well done player, but it does not have the sound quality of an audiophile player, and it does not support popular formats such as Flac and DSF.

Apple announced that they are going to release a new player in the beginning of next year, especially tailored for classical music. I hope it will have an audiophile grade sound.

Is there a source for this information? I didn’t hear of it and Apple rarely shares future plans so I’m intrigued.

I think it’s probably best to set the MIDI Bitrate for the 80% of your library, which is probably still 16bit 44khz. Upsampling in MacOS is not very impressive to say the least.

Apple Music plans to launch a dedicated classical music app next year combining Primephonic’s classical user interface that fans have grown to love with more added features.

The source is Apple. You can read it at the last paragraph of its press release, that @Jacob posted.

As for upsampling with music, I was just discussing the capabilities of this player with John F who streams and plays Hi res files from Apple Music. I don’t stream and I don’t use Music as a player.

With Roon, Audirvana, and all the other audiophile players, you won’t have sound degradation on a Mac. Because with these players, you choose to which device you want to output, and in what mode.
Music on Mac is not as good as on the iPhone or the iPad. It’s not an audiophile player, and it does not have the modes the audiophile players have. You even can’t set it to play bit-perfect as it is the case with the iPhone and the iPad version.

But I expect Apple to improve it, since they entered the Hi res streaming market.