Support for Apple Music HiFi

Seems like Apple have plans to introduce a HiFi tier to their streaming service:

Does Audirvana have plans to integrate with Apple Music as a third party service? I believe the API is already available.

Hello @odedia,

If the rumor is true and it’s announced at WWDC we will need to take a closer look to it.

Hello Damien,
If the rumoured Apple HiFi music tier does happen and you are able to incorporate it into Audirvana that would be just perfect.
I have had an iTunes account from the very start and built up a substantial collection of purchased music and many many playlists over the years.
Although at present I use Tidal & Qobuz for my critical listening that’s both because Apple have so far failed to introduce a lossless tier and also the fact that Audirvana & Roon do not allow the use of Apple Music in their software.
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: and please implement it soon if it does happen.

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We would be pleased to be able to play Apple Music, it’s not us that do not allow it, it’s Apple that do not allow us doing this :wink:

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HiFi is still not something that exists, but I believe the Apple Music API is already available? Or is that only for iOS.

MusicKit is only available for Android, iOS and for Website apps, Audirvana is not a website based app -

Thanks for explaining Damien, I guess the balls now in Apples court

For years Apple has had hi-def recordings on hand: “Mastered for iTunes” designation required music companies to provide 24/96 masters. So, this rumor seems more well-founded than most.

BUT, as Damien was too polite to mention, Apple’s licensing fees are infamously high, and the company infamously does not play well with others.

The danger for us as Audirvana users is that If Apple and Spotify – the two largest streaming services – go hi-def, both Qobuz and Tidal may be imperiled.

If they introduce such plan, I can’t believe they won’t try to appeal to the audiophile since normal consumers don’t really care about high res files.

They’ll either soup up Music player to be up to snuff with bit-prefect playback and all, introduce something like Spotify connect, hardware integration, or allow audiophile grade content to be pulled by software targeted at audiophile. Maybe even a combination of the above.

Like Spotify, Apple wasn‘t offering that interface before and is trying to keep us in their App. I would be surprised, if such an API is offered with the introduction of lossless Apple Music HiFi, especially because it is possible to natively stream lossless 16 Bit/44.1 kHz HiFi music from the Apple Music App through AirPlay 2 to any capable „speaker“ or play it on any headphone or DAC connected to the Mac

It’s much closer now…… supports up to ALAC 24bit/192khz!

It seems that Apple will Hi-Res up to 24/192.

For the future Apple streaming, could Audirvana be integrated with Music app, just as it does for the files in the Music library?

Almost correct. Ever since 2012, Apple has required that all music submitted to them be in 24bit. They also requested (but did not require) that it be at least 96KHz.

It’s official! :sunglasses:

Interesting asterisk at the end of this article from Apple, they seem to acknowledge the need for a DAC as well:

“Due to the large file sizes and bandwidth needed for Lossless and Hi-Res Lossless Audio, subscribers will need to opt in to the experience. Hi-Res Lossless also requires external equipment, such as a USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC)”

Who knows, the return of the official “Direct mode” might be around the corner. If Apple is serious about the audiophile market, they’ll need to enhance the Music app playback capabilities.

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I’m super excited. I use Apple Music on the go. I also Sub to Tidal Hifi and Qobuz as well. Great to see that Apple is being Hi Res Lossless. I will be very curious if it will be available on Windows iTunes to support its playback.

Wondering if there is any update on support for Apple Music.

Well you can listen to hi res lossless on iTunes.