Support for Bluesound Node 2i

I’ve been trying out Audirvana and really like it (especially for the SQ).
I usually run it on a Mac Mini with USB directly out to a Peachtree Nova 150 integrated amp.
However, this morning I selected my Bluesound Node 2i (streamer) as the audio output device (in the Mac menu), and its friendly name showed up in Audirvana’s output selection menu. Audirvana does send music to it, regardless of whether I’m using wired ethernet or WiFi. But the BS Node 2i supposedly does not support UPnP/DLNA. So how is this working? I thought Audirvana could only output via UPnP/DLNA over a network.

Glad to hear! I’m about to order a Bluesound Node 2i and I would hate to lose Audirvana! :wink:

Hmm, it would be great if it supported UPnP. I guess Audirvana connected using AirPlay 2, but I’m curious to hear more about this.

My previous generation Node 2, without the “i”, is not visible in the list of available audio devices.

I’m afraid the connection I described above was Airplay, not UPnP.

Can anyone confirm if I can run the bluesound node with Audirvana without using Airplay?

You can’t, it doesn’t support UPnP.

Hi bitracer…

Just to confirm, the reason my Bluesound Power Node 2i does not show up in my Audirvana Audio Output Selection ‘Network’ list is because Bluesound does not have UPnP support?

Connection is through my wired ethernet

It’s my understanding UPnP is not and will not be on Bluesound 's implementation list

Yes, that’s correct.