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I have a large number of files in Ogg-Vorbis format. As far as I can tell, Audirvana doesn’t support that format since at least 2018 and tracks do not appear in my music catalogue. Is there any reason why?

See this thread:
Does Audirvana 3.5 play Ogg Vorbis files? - Audio Formats - Audirvana

Cleary not an mainstream format…
select all your files and convert them to what Audirvana will accept. !?!
compressed format, who cares… (sorry)
will take less than a couple of hours to move your files (if you have many, many)
in a format Audirvana will play… still won’t be lossless…

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Calling Ogg-vorbis not a mainstream format seems a little odd, since it’s used by Spotify.

And it still doesn’t answer the question. The about section still contains a reference to and OGG in the Acknowledgements section of 2.6.3. So what is the reason why Audirvana doesn’t support it?

Saying “who cares” and advising someone to convert audio formats on an application specifically designed for audiophiles seems more than a little hasty and ill-conceived.

I had a look at that. After 375 days, the thread was closed with no answer.

I think he meant “who cares” to mean “any format Audirvana reads”… AND he already said “sorry”.

Yes. But in that thread you also could see that Audirvana does not support Ogg Vorbis. That is the basic answer to your question. I don’t know why there was no reaction to that thread, because normally @Antoine (Audirvana support) is quite responsive (except in the holidays). Maybe Ogg Vorbis is not on the priority list of Audirvana? I personally don’t use lossy audio-formats and use Audirvana for lossless/hi-res audio only, so it never crossed my mind.

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Hi @charvolant,

I need to talk about this with Damien before going back to you regarding this.

Thanks for the reply. However, I’m not asking whether it does, I’m asking why it doesn’t. Every music player I’ve used previously has supported Ogg-Vorbis and it seems like an inexplicable omission.

I have a music library built up over decades, including a lot of stuff that I’ll never be able to find again. Quite a lot of that is in Ogg, since it was better than MP3 at the time and would run on linux systems without the additional hassle. I’ll never get this in any other format and going from a lossy format to (what will probably be) another lossy format, just because some software is not up to it, is something I would really rather avoid.

Thanks. You can see from my reply to @AndyLubke why this is important to me.

SoX can decode all types of Ogg Vorbis files, and can encode at different compression levels/qualities given as a number from -1 (highest compression/lowest quality) to 10 (lowest compression, highest quality)… SoX can recode from Ogg Vorbis to many other formats including FLAC which can be lossless… In other words an exact copy of the already lossy Ogg file… And it would seem that since Audirvana already supports SoX your request for Audirvana to support Ogg Vorbis would be pretty straight forward…

Hi @charvolant,

We use the library and thus we noted this in the Acknowledgments since from its Wikipedia page:
"Ogg is only a container format. The actual audio or video encoded by a codec is stored inside an Ogg container. Ogg containers may contain streams encoded with multiple codecs; for example, a video file with sound contains data encoded by both an audio codec and a video codec.

Being a container format, Ogg can embed audio and video in various formats[35][36] (such as Dirac, MNG, CELT, MPEG-4, MP3 and others) but Ogg was intended to be, and usually is, used with the following free codecs:


  • Lossy
    • Speex: handles voice data at low bitrates (~2.1–32 kbit/s/channel)
    • Vorbis: handles general audio data at mid to high-level variable bitrates (≈16–500 kbit/s per channel)
    • Opus: handles voice, music and generic audio at low and high variable bitrates (≈6–510 kbit/s per channel)
  • Lossless
    • FLAC handles archival and high-fidelity audio data.
    • OggPCM allows storing standard uncompressed PCM audio in an Ogg container[37]"

Can Audirvana play the files with drag and drop? In other words, that the files are playable, but they are not added to the database?

You can do it this way or by left click on a track in your Finder and select Open with Audirvāna:

I’ve just tried dragging and dropping an Ogg-Vorbis file into the queue and it just vanishes. MP3s work fine using the same technique.

Hi @Antoine

Thanks for the reply. So I’m still mystified by this. Audirvana supports the Ogg container format but not Vorbis, even though the group that supplies the container library also supplies the codecs? Is that right?

All the codecs are not automatically supplied, only the one you chose, in this case FLAC.

If, at some point, we add Ogg-Vorbis, it will be stated in the release notes :wink:

@Antoine Thanks for the answer. A pity.

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